Saturday, September 13, 2014

Driving into a mall

I was in a car.  I was riding shotgun, my boss Kathy was driving, and there were two ladies in the back seat.  We were driving through a narror road through a mall.  We were going somewhere that was a school.  I saw all these birds on the road.  There were red and black cardinals, sets of cockatiels, huge amounts of parakeets, even a featherduster parakeet.  I asked Kathy to stop and we got out of the car.   I wanted to show her the featherduster.  There was a gold and purple parakeet and I caught him.  The feather duster was gone.  There was a black and royal blue parakeet sleeping in a display of shoes in a shop.

I said "kathy I caught one" and turned around.  Kathy and the car was gone.  I walked along the shops and entered the courtyard of the mall.  I knew I was in the wrong area, I needed to get back to work and from there home.  I looked in a can full of boxes and grabbed a box for the parakeet.  It was filled with a pair of Air Jordons shoes, so I put it back in the can.  I walked on and the parakeet, in a baratone man's voice, demanded "Madame, unhand me"  I looked down and the bird stook out it's tongue at me.  It was about an inch long.

I suddenly heard someone say "hey there"  I turned around and there was a man who looked like Doctor Demento. I rushed to him and thrust the bird at him "It must your bird"  The magician (for that is what he was" leaped back and said "whoa, you win, you suprised me"  and then he puts an arm around me and poked me in the ribs.  It hurt and I said stop it, let go of me.  He did it again and again.  I tried to scream and I suddenly woke up.