Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Murder at the convention

I was at a convention in a swampy city.  When we arrived we were checked into a hotel.  The grounds were foggy and cold.

There were not enough rooms for the entire party so everyone had to double up.  I was to share a bed with LouAnn.  We were getting ready for bed when LouAnn noticed a large diseased patch on my side.   She accused me of being a zombie.

She ran out of the room to report me so I could be taken away and killed.  I grabbed a statue and belted her until her head was bashed in.   I suddenly found myself on the grounds of the hotel, standing in the fog.

I returned to my room to find her dead and lying on the bed.  I wrapped her in the comforter and dragged her out of the room.  I dragged her through a tunnel towards the swamp where the alligators were awake and hungry.  I dumped the her into the swamp.

This was a scary dream because it seemed so real.

Monday, October 13, 2014

Repeat death dream

I hate this dream.  It happens every few years.  I am lying on a marble slab, with a light diffusing down upon me.  I am in a huge cold room.  There is absolutely nothing but the marble slab.  I am naked, and very cold and stiff.  I get up carefully and swing my legs off the slab and slide off.  When I land, I realize I have a cut from my breastbone to pubic bone.  My intestines start sliding out of me, pooling in loops at my feet.  I frantically try to pull them back up and pack them inside again.

Friday, October 10, 2014

Basement tornado of death with pieces of eight

I inherited a house.  It was a huge old farmhouse.  A storm starts up and I am on the porch with Erika and two neighbor kids.  The cover to the basement collapses and suddenly there is an tornado inside the basement.  It sucks one of the children into it and we fight the pull.  We drop planks of wood until it is blocked. The storm stops.

I grab a couple of shovels and Erika and I start digging into the basement to save the kid.  The dirt was a soft sand and the shoveling went quickly.  I found a box and when I opened it, it was filled with pieces of eight and a bunch of murder postcards.  I set it on the porch and resume digging.  I find a purse and when I set it on the purch, the pieces of eight had been stolen but there is a pile of antique coins.

Friday, October 3, 2014

We bought an ancient estate

I was a teenager and my family was buying this huge ancient estate.   It was gigantic with four floors.  There were weird little rooms lots of staircases and lots of weird stuff left.  There were picture frames that ten feet high.  In one of the outer buildings there were three ancient cars.  I selected my bedroom, a fourth floor set of rooms.  My Mom approved of my selection.

In a bottom floor hallway, an old family friend Ron (who died many years ago) was standing on a revolving Christmas tree stand and going round and round.  He looked like a zombie and didn't speak.  There was a very old man in a hospital bed on the second floor, he was very thin and didn't talk.

There was a strange case with a huge old doll which I liked.  I found a room that I wanted for my childhood stuffed animals, dolls, and books.  There was a huge hole in the ceiling that glowed and swirled.