Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Murder at the convention

I was at a convention in a swampy city.  When we arrived we were checked into a hotel.  The grounds were foggy and cold.

There were not enough rooms for the entire party so everyone had to double up.  I was to share a bed with LouAnn.  We were getting ready for bed when LouAnn noticed a large diseased patch on my side.   She accused me of being a zombie.

She ran out of the room to report me so I could be taken away and killed.  I grabbed a statue and belted her until her head was bashed in.   I suddenly found myself on the grounds of the hotel, standing in the fog.

I returned to my room to find her dead and lying on the bed.  I wrapped her in the comforter and dragged her out of the room.  I dragged her through a tunnel towards the swamp where the alligators were awake and hungry.  I dumped the her into the swamp.

This was a scary dream because it seemed so real.