Friday, October 3, 2014

We bought an ancient estate

I was a teenager and my family was buying this huge ancient estate.   It was gigantic with four floors.  There were weird little rooms lots of staircases and lots of weird stuff left.  There were picture frames that ten feet high.  In one of the outer buildings there were three ancient cars.  I selected my bedroom, a fourth floor set of rooms.  My Mom approved of my selection.

In a bottom floor hallway, an old family friend Ron (who died many years ago) was standing on a revolving Christmas tree stand and going round and round.  He looked like a zombie and didn't speak.  There was a very old man in a hospital bed on the second floor, he was very thin and didn't talk.

There was a strange case with a huge old doll which I liked.  I found a room that I wanted for my childhood stuffed animals, dolls, and books.  There was a huge hole in the ceiling that glowed and swirled.