Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Locking against the dark

I lived in this big old colonial house.  It was beginning to become dark so I went from door to door locking it against the night.  Every door I came to was unlocked.  There were multiple complicated locks on each door.  There seemed to be no door knob lock so as I locked from the top, something would try to get in and the door would bow out with the pressure.  I would desperately lean upon the door and try to engage the locks.  A lock would break apart and I would have to try to grab the broken piece and re-engage it without letting what was outside in.

I went through many doors and as I approched the last door, it was completely open with a screen door.  I could see out.  The night had fallen.  I ran for the door and slammed it shut as a dark shadow shid over the porch and tried to get through.  The battle was the worse one of all, and I had dozens of locks to engage.  The door would bow out.  I looked out the peep hole, and there was a strange wonma standing there.  She pushed at the door.

Scared that I locked someone innocent out in the dark, I desperately undid the locks to let her in. When I opened the door, it was all dark.  Nobody was there.

Saturday, December 6, 2014

I met the Pope near a city by the sea

I traveled by ship to a city by the sea. The buildings were ancient marble.  There were no people.   I walked throught the city and entered a path through the woods.  I walked through the woods and stopped at a cliff's edge.  There was a palace across the ravine.  There was a bridge, so I walked to it and crossed the ravine.  There were holes in the floor of the bridge.  It was all so ancient looking.

There was a cottage before the palace.  I walked in, it was beautiful inside.  I asked a man for a cup of tea and sat next to the fire beside an elderly friendly looking man.  I took my tea, and when I looked at the man beside me, he was in the Pope's mitre and robe.  I started chatting with him.  He told me God was kind and good and SHE would look after me.  The man who served the tea agreed.

Thursday, December 4, 2014

My nightmare woke up the entire building

I didn't feel well yesterday and I stayed home from work.  I had a migraine.  I took my big red pill for pain and didn't take my Amyltriptilene.  I had really weird dreams, always searching for something while a single line from the Zombies "She's not there" played in the background.  I woke up, glad to be rid of the dream.  I sat up and the door opened and a ragged, thin, heavily scarred man stepped to the foot of my bed.  He leaned over the footboard reaching for me saying something in a low dry voice.  I started screaming...he puffed out of existence like smoke.  I realized I had been dreaming.  I got up for a drink and kept hoping that I had just dreamed the screaming.

Then my cell phone rang.  It was Amy from next door, the neighbors from all four units were looking outside trying to figure out who was screaming.   Amy said the scream was so filled with terror.  I told her of my dream and apologised for waking them.  They were so nice about it.

My apartment is in a 1 early 20s miner's fourplex.  It was built for the Kennecutt copper mines higher up the mountain.  It is brick, all brick.  The inner walls are brick covered in plaster.  It is as solid as a rock.  My scream was LOUD to wake people up at 2 am.

My boss Kathy called me in the morning, she's on vacation.  She needed to know something and I told her of my migraine and dream.

Then I promptly misplaced my cell phone.