Saturday, December 6, 2014

I met the Pope near a city by the sea

I traveled by ship to a city by the sea. The buildings were ancient marble.  There were no people.   I walked throught the city and entered a path through the woods.  I walked through the woods and stopped at a cliff's edge.  There was a palace across the ravine.  There was a bridge, so I walked to it and crossed the ravine.  There were holes in the floor of the bridge.  It was all so ancient looking.

There was a cottage before the palace.  I walked in, it was beautiful inside.  I asked a man for a cup of tea and sat next to the fire beside an elderly friendly looking man.  I took my tea, and when I looked at the man beside me, he was in the Pope's mitre and robe.  I started chatting with him.  He told me God was kind and good and SHE would look after me.  The man who served the tea agreed.