Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Locking against the dark

I lived in this big old colonial house.  It was beginning to become dark so I went from door to door locking it against the night.  Every door I came to was unlocked.  There were multiple complicated locks on each door.  There seemed to be no door knob lock so as I locked from the top, something would try to get in and the door would bow out with the pressure.  I would desperately lean upon the door and try to engage the locks.  A lock would break apart and I would have to try to grab the broken piece and re-engage it without letting what was outside in.

I went through many doors and as I approched the last door, it was completely open with a screen door.  I could see out.  The night had fallen.  I ran for the door and slammed it shut as a dark shadow shid over the porch and tried to get through.  The battle was the worse one of all, and I had dozens of locks to engage.  The door would bow out.  I looked out the peep hole, and there was a strange wonma standing there.  She pushed at the door.

Scared that I locked someone innocent out in the dark, I desperately undid the locks to let her in. When I opened the door, it was all dark.  Nobody was there.