Thursday, December 4, 2014

My nightmare woke up the entire building

I didn't feel well yesterday and I stayed home from work.  I had a migraine.  I took my big red pill for pain and didn't take my Amyltriptilene.  I had really weird dreams, always searching for something while a single line from the Zombies "She's not there" played in the background.  I woke up, glad to be rid of the dream.  I sat up and the door opened and a ragged, thin, heavily scarred man stepped to the foot of my bed.  He leaned over the footboard reaching for me saying something in a low dry voice.  I started screaming...he puffed out of existence like smoke.  I realized I had been dreaming.  I got up for a drink and kept hoping that I had just dreamed the screaming.

Then my cell phone rang.  It was Amy from next door, the neighbors from all four units were looking outside trying to figure out who was screaming.   Amy said the scream was so filled with terror.  I told her of my dream and apologised for waking them.  They were so nice about it.

My apartment is in a 1 early 20s miner's fourplex.  It was built for the Kennecutt copper mines higher up the mountain.  It is brick, all brick.  The inner walls are brick covered in plaster.  It is as solid as a rock.  My scream was LOUD to wake people up at 2 am.

My boss Kathy called me in the morning, she's on vacation.  She needed to know something and I told her of my migraine and dream.

Then I promptly misplaced my cell phone.