Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Ancient checkers

I was sitting in an ancient stone room.  I was wearing a long velvet dress.  The room had high ceilings covered in tapestries.  My chair was soft and opulent, more like a throne than a chair.  I was sitting across from someone in a hooded robe, I could tell by the hands it was a man.  I never saw his face.  Between us was a table with a checkerboard engraved in the wood.  There were round gemstones of amber and ruby that we used for checkers.  I had the ruby ones.  I was able to jump six amber in one move, and I asked if I was playing correctly.  Each time I moved I jumped over many amber stones.

Monday, August 31, 2015

My supercriminal lair complete with lions

I was driving my 4x4 through the desert, right after Monsoon.  I splashed through running water and went up and down hills, passing saguaro and barrel cactus.  The moon was full and huge.

I stopped and two lions ran up, one male, one female.  I opened the truck door and they jumped in.  I cuddled with them.  I saw a ragged barrel chested man (almost a skeleton) running through the desert.  My lions jumped out and attacked the man. I called for someone to come get him.

I entered a small building, it was an elevator.  I went far far down and exited out into a corridor that had rich golden wood and mellow paint.  I greeted people and went down to check the jails.  They were beautiful wood and inside there was a bookshelf of "self help" books, a kiosk for brainwashing, and a twin bed and bathroom.  All was as it should be.

I took the barrel chested man and left him in one of the cells.  I took his cat for questioning.  She was a black and white cat.  I carried her to the elevators, which were refrigerators.  One was full of frozen bodies and the cat freaked.  I reassured her and found the proper fridge.  We went down to a huge corridor filled with moving chairs.  There were people traveling to and fro using their smart phones to control the chairs and stopping them at their destinations.

I found our stop and got off at the interrogation center.  We went in.

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Not a dream, just reflection and sadnes, and a sudden realization.

Daddy died last year.  A week after the 4th of July. We were semi-estranged.  I spoke to him on the phone a few times.  I sent him a cake for Father's Day/birthday and then I sent him postcards from Yellowstone.  I told him I loved him and wished he were there.

A week after I returned home, I got a message that he had died.  He was battling lung cancer and hadn't told me.  He went to bed feeling good and never woke up.  I still cry when I think about it.

We were not speaking for a long time because I transferred the title to a house I owned to him.  He gave the house to his step daughter to live in for 4 years rent free.  The mortgage was still in my name.  I remember he called me and said if I wanted to save the house I needed to pay 12k in 24 hours or the house is under foreclosure.  There were only 10 yrs left to the loan but I couldn't come up with the money in 24 hours.  If only I had a week, I could have.  I asked him why he didn't tell me, and he got angry with me and told me "I will cloud up and rain all over you if you keep asking me about it", and he blamed me for selling the house to him.  His wife was angry as well and accused me of selling the house illegally.  I have no idea where that comes from seeing as my original real estate agent helped me to transfer title to my Dad even though I had total responsibility for the loan.

We didn't speak for 15 years. I would have forgiven him if he just asked.  My Mom told me to call Daddy, and I did.  We talked a few times and I wrote him a few times.  Then he died.

We were always very close until he got so nasty over the house.  Daddy was always trying to make it rich.  He was a physicist and he always made good money.  But that wasn't what he wanted.  He wanted to be rich.  My Mom and Daddy divorced in the 80s.  Daddy married into the Goddi family.  Yes, the mafia family.  He married John Goddi's niece.  He worked for the Goddi family for a few years.  Not in a good way.

Recently I have been thinking of Daddy.  I truly mourn him. I am happy to know he received my postcards.  I am not accepted by his new family.  I guess I am an evil monster.  Oh well.

He would do pretty much anything for money.  He told me that on day we were having lunch together when I was 17.  He used to pick me up from school and take me to lunch for an hour or so.  I loved the time we spent together.  I was a real Daddy's girl.  We used to plot how to rob banks and the like.  I smile just thinking about it.

He started working for the Ministry of War in Saudi Arabia.  He worked all over the world, but he liked Saudi, almost as much as the African nations he worked in.  He preferred Africa over North America.    He always said after 6 months in Africa, all those white faces in the US was intimidating.
I like that.  I think I would love Africa.

While he was in Saudi Arabia, he had several people interested in purchasing me.  It was all over a pic of me he carried all the time.  I am very blond and almost Barbie shaped when young.  He totally refused to even consider when a couple of Saudi govt men got in a bidding war for me.  It started at
a half million.

Daddy always said he would not be responsible for an international incident, and he would never be able to return to the US.  He held dual citizenship.

This would have been a big haul for him. at least a million tax free dollars.   He wouldn't even entertain the notion.  I would have gone anywhere he asked.  I was very trusting.

My Daddy loved me after all!

Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Everyone wants to kill me! Evil priests and murderous meter maids.

I drove to work.  I parked and went in.  My office was gone, the entire workroom was partitioned off.  I asked what was happening and an unknown person  said that they changed everything.  There will be no supervisors or managers or leads.  Everyone will just do what they want.  I said what will I do, my job is gone.  He told me to go through a door down a long corridor.

I walked through a heavy wood door and I found myself in a huge museum/church.  The people running the church were wearing dark luxurious velvet robes and satin stoles.  They were tall and told me to tour the museum.

I walked to a display and realized the museum was all embroidery and books.  I picked up a beautiful jeweled pair of embroidery snips and examined it.  A machine whirred over my head and I looked up and saw a camera.  I set the scissors down.  A hidden door opened up and a huge man walked through.  He said "come with me".  His voice was cold.  I followed him to a room with a tea set and an older man having tea.

He looked at me coldly and said "we saw you touch the snips"  I said yes, I did.  He said the punishment for touching church property was death.  The big cold man had a sword.  I grabbed the teapot and threw it into the big man's face.  I ran for the nearest door.

I was outside then, in the parking lot.  My office building was gone, a notice was posted that the building was razed.  I looked around the parking lot and saw my truck.  I headed towards it, thinking how nice it would be to go home.

There was a notice on my window, it said my truck had been disabled and to go to the parking office and see the meter maid.  I went in and a man was there.  He said I had to pay $60 or I lose the truck.  I said I didn't have the money and can I drive home and get it?  He said no.  I asked to see the meter maid.  He laughed and said I would regret it.

A dark haired woman came in,  She said she was the meter maid and I had to pay up or else.  I looked beside me and the cash register was open.  My keys were there.  I snatched them up and said I was leaving.   She screamed "How dare you touch the keys" and headed after me.

I went through a door and there was a sewer treatment plant.  The meter maid came out and said "the last person to cross me is wrapped in plastic and is rotting in the sewer"  She came after me.

I elbowed her in the chest, throwing her back.  She screamed "How dare you touch me!  You will die"

I saw a pair of scissors lying on a table to one side and a door on the other side. I made the decision to go through the door.  I was outside near my truck.  I jumped in and it started up.  I left knowing the evil meter maid will either sic the cops on me or come after me and kill me.  I decided I had to kill her.

Sunday, April 12, 2015

All out nuclear war!!

I was a spy in a strange modern country.  There were huge buildings but no people anywhere.  I wandered into a building knowing I had to find a computer disc to return home with.  I met up with another person, and I realized we were partners and we were spying.

There was a huge room with a giant computer in it.  I realized the computer was a nuclear bomb.  We took pictures of it, and we knew we had to destroy it.  I turned the computer on and typed in 3.

We ran out of the building and ran down the street, there was no cover except for a trash dumpster.  There was a little girl on the sidewalk. I snatched her up and we cowered behind the dumpster.  There was a huge booom, a flash of light, and a harsh hot wind blew past us.

Saturday, March 28, 2015

An ancient hotel complete with clock tower

A group of friends and I purchased a multiple  story ancient hotel in the middle of a city.  It cost a total of 50 thousand dollars.  I decided I wanted to buy champagne and strawberry daquiris.  I had to search for my room on the 13 th floor for money.

I found the room and found some money.  The liquor store was right across the alley, so I ran across.  I realized I could hear a bell tolling the hours.  I remember the hours were wrong. I wondered if I could get an internet donation set up to restore the hotel.

Saturday, March 14, 2015

Murder with Maude and Vivian

I was in a bar, it had a barber shop that encompassed about half the space.  I knew I was in Washington DC.

As I sat there in the dark bar, the bartender was serving a young man sitting at the front of the bar.
I realized the bartender/barber was blind.

Maude and Vivian walked into the bar, they sat near me.  Maude was telling Vivian to distract the young man and she would put something in his drink while the bartender was out of the room.
She did, and Maude poured a vial of something into the young man's drink.  He fell face forward and stopped moving.

The bartender returned and called to his friend.  Vivian told him he left the bar, and she and Maude left the bar.

The bartender, trying to find the glasses to wash found his friend and called the police.  They arrived and found that the drug in the vial was a chemical that dissolved the victim's brain.  The police held his brain and said it fell out.

The police started questioning the bartender and proceeded to arrest him.  I tried to tell the police what happened but they didn't even know I was there.

Sunday, February 8, 2015

Mummies and scrolls! The Goddess Bastet!

I was an archeaologist.  I was working in a huge museum in charge of hundreds of mummies.  I was visited by another Egyptologist who found a scroll.  We decided to read it out lous.   Suddenly the scroll glowed and the mummies started moving.  They were becoming alive.

There was one mummy in a beautiful case who we thought was royal.  She stepped out of her box.
She was very beautiful with long long wavy hair like Queen Tye.  She said she was Bastet the Goddess.

The other mummies left the museum after tipping over a crate of spare parts and taking the parts they needed.

Bastet and the other Egyptologist fell in love.  I told them we all needed to go to Canada where they will be able to marry.  That was the only place a modern man could marry a 4000 yr old mummy.
I had read that if you were shipwrecked on Canadian soil, you can become a citizen.

We took a boat from the museum.  It wan an ancient wood boat shaped like a Viking dragon ship with an all seeing eye painted on both sides of the prow.  We took off and wrecked th eboat on Canadian shore.

The boat lay on it's side with waves lapping at it.  Bastet suddenly screamed and disappeared under the waves.  We dove and dove to find her but she had totally disappeared.

This is Queen Tye.  Isn't she a beautiful mummy?

Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Garden of death, My murder.

I was traveling in  a strange open carriage thing, it looked like a horse drawn carriage but there were no horses.  There were no motor sounds.  There were manicured hedges breaking up the different garden areas.  It was sunny and warm.

As I travelled in silence, total silence, I passed gardens filled with people.  They were frozen in place, no moving.  The people were dressed like Lewis the 15th era aristocrats.  There was a beautiful lady alone in one garden throwing a ball for her little white poodle.  The ball was frozen in the air, the lady was in a throwing position, and the little dog was completely off the grown leaping after the ball.
I made it to the next garden and I was let out into a garden.  I realized I was dressed like everyone else.  I lifted the beautiful skirts and walked in the garden.  I seemed to be alone.  Someone grabbed me and spun me around.  A rough looking ragged man grabbed the scarf about my throat and started to strangle me.  I fought back but I felt mysel dropping.

I awoke very frightened.  I tried to get back to sleep.  I found the dream starting again, and it happened exactly the same once again.  When I woke I stayed up for a few minutes to break the dream cycle.

Thursday, January 15, 2015

End of the world with zombies and Elvis!

The world had come to an end.  Most people were dead, some people were zombie like creatures that would eat you.
We were a small group of survivors.  I didn't know the other's names.  We were traveling in a sledge like vehicle.  We were trying to make it across the city to where there was a spaceship so we could leave.  The zombie like creatures would attack you if you noticed them.  If you walked quietly and ignored them, they often would not attack. Sometimes they would attack.

We made it to a parking lot and I had hopped into a little shop for sunglasses and accessories.  I was hoping for earmuffs and a nice pair of heels.  I found the sunglasses and earmuffs, no shoes.  Outside between me and the sledge was a pair of zombies.  I tried to walk confendently but they went for me .I shoved one and ran.  I made it to my place and we took off.

We arrived at this little group of motor homes.  They belonged to gigantic people.  We decided to see if there was food to stock up with.  We found food, and I found drawers filled with strange silverware.  We took what we wanted.  The leader of our group said that the world was going to be destroyed.  There was an earthquake, and we hurried to get out.   He didn't know if there would be a spaceship there, but that was our only hope.

We made it to a building, dodging zombies along the way.  We went in and we started down towards the spacepad.  There was a nightclub and it was filled with people.  Real people.  We walked by and someone called out "Vivian".  I turned and there was Elvis.  I greeted him and he said he was the entertainment every night at the space nightclub.  We explained the danger, but he said he would go with the Earth.   He wished us luck and went into the club.

We found the spaceship, and I woke up.