Thursday, January 15, 2015

End of the world with zombies and Elvis!

The world had come to an end.  Most people were dead, some people were zombie like creatures that would eat you.
We were a small group of survivors.  I didn't know the other's names.  We were traveling in a sledge like vehicle.  We were trying to make it across the city to where there was a spaceship so we could leave.  The zombie like creatures would attack you if you noticed them.  If you walked quietly and ignored them, they often would not attack. Sometimes they would attack.

We made it to a parking lot and I had hopped into a little shop for sunglasses and accessories.  I was hoping for earmuffs and a nice pair of heels.  I found the sunglasses and earmuffs, no shoes.  Outside between me and the sledge was a pair of zombies.  I tried to walk confendently but they went for me .I shoved one and ran.  I made it to my place and we took off.

We arrived at this little group of motor homes.  They belonged to gigantic people.  We decided to see if there was food to stock up with.  We found food, and I found drawers filled with strange silverware.  We took what we wanted.  The leader of our group said that the world was going to be destroyed.  There was an earthquake, and we hurried to get out.   He didn't know if there would be a spaceship there, but that was our only hope.

We made it to a building, dodging zombies along the way.  We went in and we started down towards the spacepad.  There was a nightclub and it was filled with people.  Real people.  We walked by and someone called out "Vivian".  I turned and there was Elvis.  I greeted him and he said he was the entertainment every night at the space nightclub.  We explained the danger, but he said he would go with the Earth.   He wished us luck and went into the club.

We found the spaceship, and I woke up.