Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Garden of death, My murder.

I was traveling in  a strange open carriage thing, it looked like a horse drawn carriage but there were no horses.  There were no motor sounds.  There were manicured hedges breaking up the different garden areas.  It was sunny and warm.

As I travelled in silence, total silence, I passed gardens filled with people.  They were frozen in place, no moving.  The people were dressed like Lewis the 15th era aristocrats.  There was a beautiful lady alone in one garden throwing a ball for her little white poodle.  The ball was frozen in the air, the lady was in a throwing position, and the little dog was completely off the grown leaping after the ball.
I made it to the next garden and I was let out into a garden.  I realized I was dressed like everyone else.  I lifted the beautiful skirts and walked in the garden.  I seemed to be alone.  Someone grabbed me and spun me around.  A rough looking ragged man grabbed the scarf about my throat and started to strangle me.  I fought back but I felt mysel dropping.

I awoke very frightened.  I tried to get back to sleep.  I found the dream starting again, and it happened exactly the same once again.  When I woke I stayed up for a few minutes to break the dream cycle.