Sunday, February 8, 2015

Mummies and scrolls! The Goddess Bastet!

I was an archeaologist.  I was working in a huge museum in charge of hundreds of mummies.  I was visited by another Egyptologist who found a scroll.  We decided to read it out lous.   Suddenly the scroll glowed and the mummies started moving.  They were becoming alive.

There was one mummy in a beautiful case who we thought was royal.  She stepped out of her box.
She was very beautiful with long long wavy hair like Queen Tye.  She said she was Bastet the Goddess.

The other mummies left the museum after tipping over a crate of spare parts and taking the parts they needed.

Bastet and the other Egyptologist fell in love.  I told them we all needed to go to Canada where they will be able to marry.  That was the only place a modern man could marry a 4000 yr old mummy.
I had read that if you were shipwrecked on Canadian soil, you can become a citizen.

We took a boat from the museum.  It wan an ancient wood boat shaped like a Viking dragon ship with an all seeing eye painted on both sides of the prow.  We took off and wrecked th eboat on Canadian shore.

The boat lay on it's side with waves lapping at it.  Bastet suddenly screamed and disappeared under the waves.  We dove and dove to find her but she had totally disappeared.

This is Queen Tye.  Isn't she a beautiful mummy?