Saturday, March 14, 2015

Murder with Maude and Vivian

I was in a bar, it had a barber shop that encompassed about half the space.  I knew I was in Washington DC.

As I sat there in the dark bar, the bartender was serving a young man sitting at the front of the bar.
I realized the bartender/barber was blind.

Maude and Vivian walked into the bar, they sat near me.  Maude was telling Vivian to distract the young man and she would put something in his drink while the bartender was out of the room.
She did, and Maude poured a vial of something into the young man's drink.  He fell face forward and stopped moving.

The bartender returned and called to his friend.  Vivian told him he left the bar, and she and Maude left the bar.

The bartender, trying to find the glasses to wash found his friend and called the police.  They arrived and found that the drug in the vial was a chemical that dissolved the victim's brain.  The police held his brain and said it fell out.

The police started questioning the bartender and proceeded to arrest him.  I tried to tell the police what happened but they didn't even know I was there.