Sunday, April 12, 2015

All out nuclear war!!

I was a spy in a strange modern country.  There were huge buildings but no people anywhere.  I wandered into a building knowing I had to find a computer disc to return home with.  I met up with another person, and I realized we were partners and we were spying.

There was a huge room with a giant computer in it.  I realized the computer was a nuclear bomb.  We took pictures of it, and we knew we had to destroy it.  I turned the computer on and typed in 3.

We ran out of the building and ran down the street, there was no cover except for a trash dumpster.  There was a little girl on the sidewalk. I snatched her up and we cowered behind the dumpster.  There was a huge booom, a flash of light, and a harsh hot wind blew past us.