Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Everyone wants to kill me! Evil priests and murderous meter maids.

I drove to work.  I parked and went in.  My office was gone, the entire workroom was partitioned off.  I asked what was happening and an unknown person  said that they changed everything.  There will be no supervisors or managers or leads.  Everyone will just do what they want.  I said what will I do, my job is gone.  He told me to go through a door down a long corridor.

I walked through a heavy wood door and I found myself in a huge museum/church.  The people running the church were wearing dark luxurious velvet robes and satin stoles.  They were tall and told me to tour the museum.

I walked to a display and realized the museum was all embroidery and books.  I picked up a beautiful jeweled pair of embroidery snips and examined it.  A machine whirred over my head and I looked up and saw a camera.  I set the scissors down.  A hidden door opened up and a huge man walked through.  He said "come with me".  His voice was cold.  I followed him to a room with a tea set and an older man having tea.

He looked at me coldly and said "we saw you touch the snips"  I said yes, I did.  He said the punishment for touching church property was death.  The big cold man had a sword.  I grabbed the teapot and threw it into the big man's face.  I ran for the nearest door.

I was outside then, in the parking lot.  My office building was gone, a notice was posted that the building was razed.  I looked around the parking lot and saw my truck.  I headed towards it, thinking how nice it would be to go home.

There was a notice on my window, it said my truck had been disabled and to go to the parking office and see the meter maid.  I went in and a man was there.  He said I had to pay $60 or I lose the truck.  I said I didn't have the money and can I drive home and get it?  He said no.  I asked to see the meter maid.  He laughed and said I would regret it.

A dark haired woman came in,  She said she was the meter maid and I had to pay up or else.  I looked beside me and the cash register was open.  My keys were there.  I snatched them up and said I was leaving.   She screamed "How dare you touch the keys" and headed after me.

I went through a door and there was a sewer treatment plant.  The meter maid came out and said "the last person to cross me is wrapped in plastic and is rotting in the sewer"  She came after me.

I elbowed her in the chest, throwing her back.  She screamed "How dare you touch me!  You will die"

I saw a pair of scissors lying on a table to one side and a door on the other side. I made the decision to go through the door.  I was outside near my truck.  I jumped in and it started up.  I left knowing the evil meter maid will either sic the cops on me or come after me and kill me.  I decided I had to kill her.