Monday, August 31, 2015

My supercriminal lair complete with lions

I was driving my 4x4 through the desert, right after Monsoon.  I splashed through running water and went up and down hills, passing saguaro and barrel cactus.  The moon was full and huge.

I stopped and two lions ran up, one male, one female.  I opened the truck door and they jumped in.  I cuddled with them.  I saw a ragged barrel chested man (almost a skeleton) running through the desert.  My lions jumped out and attacked the man. I called for someone to come get him.

I entered a small building, it was an elevator.  I went far far down and exited out into a corridor that had rich golden wood and mellow paint.  I greeted people and went down to check the jails.  They were beautiful wood and inside there was a bookshelf of "self help" books, a kiosk for brainwashing, and a twin bed and bathroom.  All was as it should be.

I took the barrel chested man and left him in one of the cells.  I took his cat for questioning.  She was a black and white cat.  I carried her to the elevators, which were refrigerators.  One was full of frozen bodies and the cat freaked.  I reassured her and found the proper fridge.  We went down to a huge corridor filled with moving chairs.  There were people traveling to and fro using their smart phones to control the chairs and stopping them at their destinations.

I found our stop and got off at the interrogation center.  We went in.