Monday, December 12, 2016

I was part of the X-Files

I was investigating an X file.  I was talking to many strange people  about a mysterious fire.  There was a girl whose face was horrifically burned.  As I spoke to her, her face healed until the scarring was almost gone.

Monday, November 21, 2016

I went to heaven for a visit

I arrived at heaven and walked through the gates.  It was beautiful green wilderness.   I saw animals everywhere.  I saw very few humans.  One man in a field playing with a large pack of happy dogs.
I saw a woman sitting with her cats.

There were animals everywhere, ferrets, cats, dogs, hedgehogs, lions, tigers, on and on.  A very good heaven.

Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Was this my ghost or a dream?

I live in a haunted house.   It is over a 100 years old.   It's a copper miner's bungalow.  It is a little blue house with a porch and lots of windows.  It's four bedrooms, one very small since it was split in half to put in indoor plumbing.  Very strange house since the electric was also put in later.  The outlets are high up the middle of each room, one per room.  It was once five bedrooms, but the smallest basement room was made into a laundry room.

My husband doesn't want to admit to a ghost, but he sleeps on the couch often.  He says things are being knocked over in the bedroom, and the cat was not in the room.

The dogs won't go into the bedroom, and my cat only goes in if we are in there.

There are two closets, and one must be kept slightly open.  If it's not, it is opened by the ghost within 48 hours.

I often feel as if someone is watching me.   I have also felt a small animal with a cold nose in bed with me when my cat is not in the room.  I sometimes see someone walking into rooms from the corner of my eye.  It's really weird.

I was in bed last night and I suddenly awoke.   I couldn't see well, and it seemed like the room was covered in flower shapes that shimmered and moved.  I looked towards the ghost's closet and the door was open as usual, and there was a light glowing in it.  A human shaped blur walked out of the closet and stared down at me.

I decided the best thing to do is to just go back to sleep.

Terrorist attack at my mall

This was a very surreal dream.  I was at work.  My office building was connected to my mall.   It was at least three miles in the sky.  A plane flew into the building, just like 9-11.

I got out of my office easily, I was the only one there.  I went up the stairs to the roof.  Again I was the only person there.   When I reached the roof there were about 6 other women.

There was a floating island right beside the building, it was covered in rich green grass and a single
large tree.  The grass ended in about ten feet of rich dark earth which came right up to the building

I said--lets just cross over onto the island.  Another girl said  -no we can't.  There was a man here and he just hopped off the edge of the building thinking he could walk onto the dirt..  But it's not dirt.  It is a dark cloud.

The rooftop door popped open and a man ran out.  He ran to the edge and looked at the dark clouds.
We can just walk to the island!   We started yelling no no, it's clouds.   You can't.
He called us a bunch of stupid women and jumped over the edge.  With a shriek, he went straight through the clouds.

I remember on the floor below us, there was a sporting goods shop.  I would run down and get a bow, arrow, and rope.   I ran down the stairs, climbed through the broken window into the shop.  I found all I needed sitting on the counter.

As I was gathering it up, up danced a cute little ferret.  I picked him up, and saw a ferret shoulder bag also on the counter.  It was a long narrow bag with shoulder straps in a nice caramel brown.  I put the ferret into it and strung it over my head and shoulder.   The ferret and I were in it together.

I took the stuff up, and we discussed the best way to do it.  The arrow had a loop for the rope to be tied on.   One of the girls was an archery champion, so she was the one to shoot the arrow into the tree.  The rest of us held the end of the rope to keep from losing it.  We succeeded on the first try and we carefully swung over to the island.  

When the last of use made it onto the island, the building collapsed.  We were all safe and played with the ferret until a helicopter came to rescue us.

Wednesday, September 21, 2016

I flew to the winter olympics--in a space ship

I went to the Winter Olympics.  I flew in using a space ship like this one--
The parking lot was filled with space ships.
The planet was frozen over.   I was wearing a luxurious coat and drinking Champagne.   There was a
small crowd  on each side of the lake.   Jered was on the other side taking official photos.
Beside me was a pickup truck.  It was huge.

I looked over and I saw people from TV shows like Space Patrol and Star Trek.

We were standing by a frozen lake, everything was in black and white except my coat and Champagne.   There were two high support pylons with ladders and a frozen wire between them
There were ice cycles hanging down from the wire.

A man and woman were on seperate pylons facing each other .  Jered was on the man's pylon taking
pictures.  The man and woman skated down the wire and did a twirl with the man lifting up his partner.  It was very exciting.   Jered finished taking pics and did that sliding thing down the pylon holding on to the hand rails and letting himself drop.  That scared me and I spilt Champagne.

Monday, September 19, 2016

Interdimensional vortex over my bed

Over the bed was a vortex, slowly swirling.  It would occasionally suck up a pillow or a stuffed animal and then spit out a few spiders.   The ghost lived there.

We decided to have a priest bless the bedroom and close the vortex.  The priest from the Catholic church down from our house came to bless the house.   The vortex swirled and spit out a gorgeous
Catholic statue of the Virgin Mary.

The priest exclaimed about how beautiful the statue was.  He was Italian.   The vortex suddenly
sucked him up and he disappeared into the ceiling.

We decided to let the ghost have the room, and we changed bedrooms.

Monday, September 5, 2016

I won a weekend trip to the moon and met up with T-rex

I was so excited.  I won a complete weekend trip to the moon.  I packed up my weekender bag and caught the space ship.   It looked like a plane, but the window showed stars and planets.

We arrived at the moon, and were instructed to not go off by ourselves.  So what did I do?  Left my
bag at the hotel and took off exploring.

The moon was purple and lavender.   Rocks and ground dirt was lavender and there were lush purple
ferns and trees.   The light was diffused so everything had a soft quality.  I was delighted.

I was wandering down a path when a large purple T-rex stepped out.  It started coming towards me.
I turned and ran.  The T-rex chased me all the way back to the hotel.

Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Pinhead's sister?

I was asleep and I had a nightmare, someone chasing me.   I awoke and got out of bed.  I opened the bedroom door to go for a drink of water.   There was a woman standing at the door.  She came in towards me.  She was covered in needles.   She reached for me, I tried pushing her back, but the needles were painful.   She kept crowding me back into the bedroom.

She was youngish with long dark hair.   She was naked and covered from head to toe with sewing needles stuck into her.  Her eyes were completely white.

Thursday, July 21, 2016

Bizarre and odd---and not a dream My Doppelganger.

When I was younger, I lived in Tempe Arizona. I had a townhouse and a Mustang Cobra with T-tops.
I worked at a produce warehouse as an accountant.

One day one of the drivers came up to my office and said--Vivian, the weirdest thing happened!
He told me that he was doing a delivery at the Tempe store and he saw me looking at the produce.
He came up to me and asked me why I wasn't at work.  The lady said he was mistaken, and he thought she was kidding-then he realized it wasn't me.

A few days later I was at the Mesa mall shopping for perfume.  An elderly lady came up and called me Victoria or Veronica or some other V name.  I said excuse me?  And she looked totally shocked.
She said I looked just like her grand-daughter.   She was very embarrassed.

A few days later, I met my Mom and Jim at Dennys for breakfast in Tempe.  They said the weirdest thing happened.  They saw me driving my Mustang down the freeway.  They caught up with me and beeped--I just looked at them and kept on driving.  Jim realized the car didn't have T-tops, but was a convertable.  They realized she was not me.

A few days later, I went to my townhouse association for new keys to the pool.  I knew the lady there and she told me there was someone in the duplex part of the community who looked just like me, sounded like me, even drove the same car as I did.  She told me her first name, and it was a V name.
I am not sure if it was Victoria or Veronica.

Again, a few days later and I am in Mesa browsing in Toys R Us.  A man came up and said Where have you been?  Everyone's worried.  I told him I didn't know what he meant.  He told me to stop fooling around.  I had to show ID to prove I wasn't her.

The next week I eloped to Las Vegas, got married, and later sold the townhouse.

Later I told the story to my friend Monica, and she said it was my doppelganger and if we met, the world would explode.  As good a reason as any!

Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Dreams you never forget

There are dreams that are impossible to forget.  One such dream I had at about 5 yrs old.
I think it was the only black and white dream I've ever had!  I was walking down a sidewalk
in a small town.  It was deserted.   I could see people running in the distance.  I turned around
and there was the Blob.  It stopped in front of me, and I climbed on it's back.  I rode the Blob as
it ate everything in it's way.

The Blob is an old horror movie from the 1950s--shot in black and white if I remember correctly.
When I was a child, it was often showed as the midnight movie.  I would wake up and go join my
Mom and brother Eddy.  We would watch the Saturday midnight horror movie.

Does anyone remember drive in theatres?  My family went twice a month.  Mom would
pop popcorn and make divinity and fudge---yum!

Saturday, July 9, 2016

Murdered to the tune of some really annoying music

I was walking along a path, there were  twisted trees, the moon was full.  I was wearing a halter top, hip hugging jeans, and soft moccasins.  Then very loud music started up, banging drum beat with acoustic guitar twanging.

I look around, and see behind me someone.  They were shadowed, I couldn't see anything about them.  I felt afraid and started to run.  I stopped at a turn in the path and stepped into the shadows of the trees.  The music still blared and I could hear nothing but it.  Nobody came down the path.

I stood there, wondering what to do when an arm came around my body and a man whispered in my
ear--don't worry, Vivian.  I am going to kill you.

I started running, the man running with me his arm around me.  He suddenly pulled me up short, and I felt a burning pain in my side.  He pushed the knife in further, the pain was intolerable.

The music ended with people cheering as I dropped to my knees, the man dropping with me.  I was dying, the man was laughing, and people were cheering.

When I woke, I could still feel the pain in my side and my heart was pounding.  I was crying.

Sunday, January 24, 2016

Tiara of death

I was in a shabby school like building.  I worked there.  I first was at a meeting where my boss gave out necklaces that were supposed to show our personalities.  Everyone in the room got a simple circle on a silk ribbon, but Monica got a brontosaurus and I got a shark's tooth.  My boss, Shelly, was impressed by my shark tooth.

I then went to the pageant where I won the crown.  I went into the bathroom, wearing my crown and carrying a red alcoholic drink.  I found out that the men were using the same bathroom.  I was dragged out for a toast.

I joined the toast, and saw the runner ups with their crowns.  There was a pig in a suit with a bottle of champagne.  When he got to me, he said No, there is not enough.  I said screw you, and left.

I entered into the bathroom to set down my red drink, the door slammed shut and the lights went out.  I jumped away just as a mass of sheets dropped down over me.  I woke up.

Friday, January 22, 2016

A visit to my mall

I was at my mall, it was only a shadow of it's self.    There were now several mall buildings, all empty and dark.  The main building contained only a JC Penny type store, brightly lit but with almost nothing for sale.  I left the mall at a side door and there were parking lots all around, but there were only a few cars.  I walked around the lot and realized I didn't know what I was driving.  I opened my little handbag and there was only a large key in it.  I couldn't remember what my car looked like, only that it was brightly colored.  I sat down at a table and a little dog came up to join me.  Then another dog and a toddler boy came up.  I sat there with them until it became dark and a police officer came up.  I asked for help and he pointed to a monster truck and said "that's your truck there". I took the two dogs and the little boy and left.