Friday, January 22, 2016

A visit to my mall

I was at my mall, it was only a shadow of it's self.    There were now several mall buildings, all empty and dark.  The main building contained only a JC Penny type store, brightly lit but with almost nothing for sale.  I left the mall at a side door and there were parking lots all around, but there were only a few cars.  I walked around the lot and realized I didn't know what I was driving.  I opened my little handbag and there was only a large key in it.  I couldn't remember what my car looked like, only that it was brightly colored.  I sat down at a table and a little dog came up to join me.  Then another dog and a toddler boy came up.  I sat there with them until it became dark and a police officer came up.  I asked for help and he pointed to a monster truck and said "that's your truck there". I took the two dogs and the little boy and left.