Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Dreams you never forget

There are dreams that are impossible to forget.  One such dream I had at about 5 yrs old.
I think it was the only black and white dream I've ever had!  I was walking down a sidewalk
in a small town.  It was deserted.   I could see people running in the distance.  I turned around
and there was the Blob.  It stopped in front of me, and I climbed on it's back.  I rode the Blob as
it ate everything in it's way.

The Blob is an old horror movie from the 1950s--shot in black and white if I remember correctly.
When I was a child, it was often showed as the midnight movie.  I would wake up and go join my
Mom and brother Eddy.  We would watch the Saturday midnight horror movie.

Does anyone remember drive in theatres?  My family went twice a month.  Mom would
pop popcorn and make divinity and fudge---yum!