Wednesday, September 21, 2016

I flew to the winter olympics--in a space ship

I went to the Winter Olympics.  I flew in using a space ship like this one--
The parking lot was filled with space ships.
The planet was frozen over.   I was wearing a luxurious coat and drinking Champagne.   There was a
small crowd  on each side of the lake.   Jered was on the other side taking official photos.
Beside me was a pickup truck.  It was huge.

I looked over and I saw people from TV shows like Space Patrol and Star Trek.

We were standing by a frozen lake, everything was in black and white except my coat and Champagne.   There were two high support pylons with ladders and a frozen wire between them
There were ice cycles hanging down from the wire.

A man and woman were on seperate pylons facing each other .  Jered was on the man's pylon taking
pictures.  The man and woman skated down the wire and did a twirl with the man lifting up his partner.  It was very exciting.   Jered finished taking pics and did that sliding thing down the pylon holding on to the hand rails and letting himself drop.  That scared me and I spilt Champagne.