Monday, September 5, 2016

I won a weekend trip to the moon and met up with T-rex

I was so excited.  I won a complete weekend trip to the moon.  I packed up my weekender bag and caught the space ship.   It looked like a plane, but the window showed stars and planets.

We arrived at the moon, and were instructed to not go off by ourselves.  So what did I do?  Left my
bag at the hotel and took off exploring.

The moon was purple and lavender.   Rocks and ground dirt was lavender and there were lush purple
ferns and trees.   The light was diffused so everything had a soft quality.  I was delighted.

I was wandering down a path when a large purple T-rex stepped out.  It started coming towards me.
I turned and ran.  The T-rex chased me all the way back to the hotel.