Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Terrorist attack at my mall

This was a very surreal dream.  I was at work.  My office building was connected to my mall.   It was at least three miles in the sky.  A plane flew into the building, just like 9-11.

I got out of my office easily, I was the only one there.  I went up the stairs to the roof.  Again I was the only person there.   When I reached the roof there were about 6 other women.

There was a floating island right beside the building, it was covered in rich green grass and a single
large tree.  The grass ended in about ten feet of rich dark earth which came right up to the building

I said--lets just cross over onto the island.  Another girl said  -no we can't.  There was a man here and he just hopped off the edge of the building thinking he could walk onto the dirt..  But it's not dirt.  It is a dark cloud.

The rooftop door popped open and a man ran out.  He ran to the edge and looked at the dark clouds.
We can just walk to the island!   We started yelling no no, it's clouds.   You can't.
He called us a bunch of stupid women and jumped over the edge.  With a shriek, he went straight through the clouds.

I remember on the floor below us, there was a sporting goods shop.  I would run down and get a bow, arrow, and rope.   I ran down the stairs, climbed through the broken window into the shop.  I found all I needed sitting on the counter.

As I was gathering it up, up danced a cute little ferret.  I picked him up, and saw a ferret shoulder bag also on the counter.  It was a long narrow bag with shoulder straps in a nice caramel brown.  I put the ferret into it and strung it over my head and shoulder.   The ferret and I were in it together.

I took the stuff up, and we discussed the best way to do it.  The arrow had a loop for the rope to be tied on.   One of the girls was an archery champion, so she was the one to shoot the arrow into the tree.  The rest of us held the end of the rope to keep from losing it.  We succeeded on the first try and we carefully swung over to the island.  

When the last of use made it onto the island, the building collapsed.  We were all safe and played with the ferret until a helicopter came to rescue us.