Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Was this my ghost or a dream?

I live in a haunted house.   It is over a 100 years old.   It's a copper miner's bungalow.  It is a little blue house with a porch and lots of windows.  It's four bedrooms, one very small since it was split in half to put in indoor plumbing.  Very strange house since the electric was also put in later.  The outlets are high up the middle of each room, one per room.  It was once five bedrooms, but the smallest basement room was made into a laundry room.

My husband doesn't want to admit to a ghost, but he sleeps on the couch often.  He says things are being knocked over in the bedroom, and the cat was not in the room.

The dogs won't go into the bedroom, and my cat only goes in if we are in there.

There are two closets, and one must be kept slightly open.  If it's not, it is opened by the ghost within 48 hours.

I often feel as if someone is watching me.   I have also felt a small animal with a cold nose in bed with me when my cat is not in the room.  I sometimes see someone walking into rooms from the corner of my eye.  It's really weird.

I was in bed last night and I suddenly awoke.   I couldn't see well, and it seemed like the room was covered in flower shapes that shimmered and moved.  I looked towards the ghost's closet and the door was open as usual, and there was a light glowing in it.  A human shaped blur walked out of the closet and stared down at me.

I decided the best thing to do is to just go back to sleep.