Tuesday, May 23, 2017

At the hotel with Coco

I found myself checking into an ancient hotel.   It was almost a castle, made of huge squared stones with stone balconies.  There was stone steps.  The door weighted a ton!

Inside was a huge room lit by candles and a large fire.  There was a staircase going up to the rooms.
I rang the bell and a woman dressed in a long black dress arrived.   She had black hair piled on top of her head and very red lipstick.  She had great teeth.  She was carrying Coco.

Coco was my childhood Chihuahua and I was very upset to see her with the woman.   I signed the book, Coco came up to me and licked my face.  I was very happy to see her.   I decided when it became dark, I would come down and steal my Chihuahua back.

My suitcase was in the room when I went up.  It was a small room with very high ceilings and a fire in the  fireplace.  I dressed in a black suit and prepared to go steal Coco.

It was fairly easy, I found an elevator.   It was one of the old type where you pull open a metal  door yourself.  I opened it and there wasn't an elevator but there was a ladder type thing mounted on the side of the shaft.  I took it down.

I came out in the dining room.   There were long tables with lit candles and white tablecloths.  The food on the plates looked ancient and disgusting.  I went through the double doors and was in the lobby.   Coco was sitting on the bar.

I snatched her up and started up the steps.  It dawned on me that Coco was over 20 years old.  Very old for a  Chihuahua.  As I made it to the top, I remembered burying Coco when she died.  I was 14 years old. 

As I stood there with Coco in my arms, the building started rumbling.  Coco jumped down and took off down the stairs.  I started after her.    When I reached the bottom, giant beams were dropping from the ceiling. 

Superman arrived and said he was going to save me.  I said no, I have to rescue Coco.  I pointed to a fat man who  was lying on the floor.   I told Superman to rescue him.  I ran on into the dining room.

There was no earthquake in the dining room.  In fact, there was electric lights on now.  I saw Coco sitting under a table.   There were people everywhere.   I started sneaking up towards Coco.

Suddenly there was an announcement.  The woman in a black dress was being given an award for being the best bad guy of the year.   She was being thanked for stealing Coco.  As I watched, she
was given a loving cup award.

Suddenly a Djinn appeared (looked like the genie in Aladdin only meaner).  He declared his love for the woman and snatched her up.  They disappeared.